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  • May 23, 2020
  • How to Choose the Best Online Examination Invigilation Services.

    It is common for people to take exams. Exams are made to test if a person is knowledgeable on a particular field. It is common for exams to be taken using pen and paper in test centers. Not all the times when administering exams in test centers is possible. A number of difficulties are experienced when it comes to administering exams in a test center during a pandemic. When it is impossible to admit exams the normal way, people go for the option of administering them online. All people taking a certain an online exam do not have to be in the same place for them to take the exam.

    It is not new for people doing exams online to think of cheating. As part of the examining body, you need to think about how you will do to ensure that people do not get involved in online examination cheating. Online invigilation services come in handy during such times. An online does not have to be near the person taking the exam for him or her to do his or her work. However, the invigilator has to be connected to the person taking the exam by audio, video and remote screen share. Such connections are what enable the online invigilator to know the activities of the person doing the exam.

    With online invigilation, there are two options that an examiner needs to choose from. An examiner can decide to go for the option whereby whatever is being done by the person taking the exam during the examination time is recorded and later reviewed by the invigilator. An examination can be canceled after the review any wrong thing is done by the person doing the exam. Such type of invigilation is not the best if the exam being taken is highly sensitive. Real-time supervision is the other invigilation type that can be used. Real-time invigilation means invigilating as a person is taking an exam. When you decide to go for online invigilation services, you need to go for the best. If you need to choose the best online invigilation services, put a number of things into consideration. Some of these guidelines are mentioned below.

    Consider the stakes involved when looking for online invigilation services. Sophisticated online invigilation services should be chosen if high stakes are involved. Moderately high stakes should make you go for standard online invigilation services.

    The type of online exam being done should be considered when looking for online invigilation services. Go for online invigilation services designed for the specific type of online exam you are giving. Follow the guidelines discussed above when looking for online invigilation services.

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