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Serious Mistakes in Car Maintenance You Need to Avoid

With an increasing number of people owning a car in many countries maintenance awareness has also increased sporadically over the time, people have familiarized themselves with basic maintenance to keep their automobile in good shape and efficient in its operations, however, there are common mistakes that occurs along the way that can change your experience with the car and that is why preventive measures are important than the actual maintenance. Given that a considerable number of people are aware of daily car maintenance then these mistakes are due to negligence where you constantly ignore warnings and signals that attempt to alert you something is wrong such as noisy breaks, excessive dark engine oil, overconfidence, and ignorance. It is common sense that preventive measures are cheaper and will save you headaches that may arise from a poorly maintained car, therefore it is always wise to keep your car in shape as possible as you can but as we have seen ignorance, overconfidence and negligence are the major cause of maintenance mistakes, nevertheless, this articles has gathered some information you may find helpful in avoiding these common maintenance mistakes that may cost an arm and leg.

The first common mistake we do is to skip regular maintenance and inspections, what is important is regular, you may be going for maintenance and checkups but in sporadically, you need to keep checking the oil, well oil change can be yearly but is important to check every month the oil level this is because the more intensively you use your car the faster oil change it may need it does not have to be a yearly thing this is important to ensure the longevity and reliability of your car do not ignore your tire pressure, they change with the season and can drop over time, it is important to check them at least weekly, but the bottom line has a strong understanding of your car maintenance requirements and keep all the records of maintenance and do not skip the scheduled inspection.

Most people ignore the small tears and wear like those of the tires, what they do not realize is that these wears for example in a car tire contributes to wheel imbalance in the long term which can lead to your breaks wearing and tearing as well which can lead to critical damages, another example is the small cracks on your windshield that people ignore to repair, overtime these cracks grow big and develop to big cracks that eventually shatter your windshield forcing you to replace the whole windshield.

Many car owners ignore car warning lights and alerts which in most cases is a method your car uses to communicate indicating something could be wrong with your oil pressure, brake system, tire pressure, and other things that can lead to a fatal accident if not taken care of, it is important once you get these warnings to take your car for a checkup. Those are the main serious maintenance mistakes that car owners normally make on daily basis.

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